Welcome! My name is Michael Cain located in Central Florida. I love to shoot rocket launches, astrophotography, landscapes, wildlife and more. If you like my work and want to order prints then you've reached the right place!

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy!  My first day-time launch and it was one for the books.  Camped all day out at Playalinda Beach hoping for a good shot and I was not disappointed!


Central Florida was lucky to have clear skies all night for the Total Lunar Eclipse! I ventured out to dark skies and took a photo every 2.5 minutes to capture all of the phases. Stitched a few of them together for my this post.


Prior to the Solar Parker Probe Delta IV Heavy launch I ventured out into the marsh North of NASA to take advantage of the clear skies and new Moon.  Once I arrived I was surprised to see bioluminescence in the water!  Unfortunately the launch was scrubbed for the night.  This photo is comprised of 100 photos stacked using Photoshop.

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